About Me

Hi! Im Mike! I was born in Downingtown, PA, raised by a Wawa hoagie. I graduated from Downingtown East High School.

I moved to NYC (which we can all agree was kind of questionable) to attend Marymount Manhattan College for Musical Theatre. I graduated in the Spring of 2018! Im still managing my toxic relationship with NYC, since I can't quite live with it nor without it.

I toured the country with TheaterworksUSA and have worked regionally with Gretna Theatre and Texas Family Musicals. I also frequently work on developmental work. 

If you think I'm untalented and don't want to hire me to perform, I could also train your dog (IAABC- ADT Certified). Money is money, sis!

At this point, I can safely say I have no idea what I'm doing; it hasn't been awful yet, but I'll let ya know!

About Me